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Rent + Return

a picture is worth...

Whether you are creating the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, your family photos or business, we invite you to imagine yourself here. We are also happy to lend a few signature pieces to add true modern vintage flair to your space.

We are happy to provide our pieces and location for photo use or daily rental. 



We provide all currently available / for sale pieces for rent, so please let us know if something has caught your eye. 



Smaller furniture pieces, odds, and ends, and the little details, please let us know if you have a particular piece you would like to rent.

Odd+ends pieces would generally fit in the back seat of a vehicle, aka smaller pieces.



As the seasons change, this backdrop only becomes more beautiful. Whether you would like to use this location for a wedding, family, or individual photoshoot or as a backdrop to highlight your own products in a beautiful way.



Terms & Conditions

Care & Guidelines

Each piece of Blue Dog furniture has been lovingly restored and made available for your use but we request clients treat these items with care and respect. 

  • All items must be transported in a hard top covered vehicle. Open back vehicles will not be permitted to leave with items.

  • All items must be kept inside overnight.

  • Outdoor use, please ensure the furniture is not sitting in wet areas; and care is taken with inclement weather.

  • No pets on or around items unless with prior permission. An additional pet deposit may be required. 

  • No smoking/vaping near/on furniture pieces

  • No food or drinks around furniture. 

Terms of Farm Venue Rental: 


  • Shoots on our farm are $60 per hour, and all hours are booked and counted in full. For example, if the shoot only runs for 45 minutes, the cost is still $60. If it runs one 1.25 hours, the total cost is for 2 full hours, or $120.

  • Maximum eight people are included in our hourly fee. Additional persons will incur an additional $5/hr.

  • We expect clients to be punctual, and to manage their booked time efficiently for the best value. We are located 25 minutes E from Okotoks. Directions will be shared upon confirmation of booking. Please ensure you allow enough time for travel. 

  • Please note we do not have public washroom facilities. Please plan accordingly. The closest public washrooms are in Aldersyde about 20 min away. 

  • Parking is in front of the white garage. Sarah will be there to greet you upon arrival but will not be on hand to assist with photoshoots unless prior arrangements are made. 

  • You are entering private property upon arrival you will be directed to available areas to shoot. We ask you do not wander outside of these areas, this is working property. 

  • There will be no access to crop fields. There is no exceptions to this. Any damage to crop fields will be charged to guests. 

  • Guests may not litter or leave trash on our property. A $25 clean up fee will be applied if trash is left behind.

  • NO SMOKING whatsoever, anywhere on the premises. We are situated in a drought-prone location, and during the summer even a small spark is a serious fire hazard. Guests caught smoking will be asked to leave the farm immediately.

  • No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs may be brought onto our property.

  • No off-leash pets allowed. Clients must confirm any pet or animal with us prior to the shoot.

  • No climbing on farm equipment or structures.

  • Children may not be left unattended at any time.

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