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Sarah Linde

Blue Dog Designs is based out of Foothills County, Alberta, and was started in 2017. A combination of 'I know how to sew' and  'I should be able to do that' met.  From there my desire to learn more was stronger.


From there, I started training with some well-respected upholsterers before  I started to really strike out on my own and start recovering and selling furniture. 


I continue to train and learn, I don’t think you ever master a craft like this, and I know I will always welcome new challenges that new pieces hold. There is always room to grow! It excites me to take on new challenges and try new techniques!

... but WHO is Blue Dog Fabrics?:

Hi, my name is Sarah Linde, and this is my passion. I love to see the beauty and juxtaposition of old beautifully built pieces paired with heritage or dynamic fabrics. 

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