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Reclaim | Restore | Relove | Recover 


Blue Dog Designs believes in the craft of well-designed furniture.  We may not build the pieces, we reimagine the piece. These are pieces rescued from the buy and sells, discard on the corner but these are also the pieces that sat in our grandparent's homes, our mother's vanity chair, and where we were told stories. 


Furniture was built to last, their trendy fabrics were not, we're here to make you

fall in love with these pieces again.  







But vintage looks… old

Well, it might at first glance but almost any vintage or antique piece of furniture can be modernized with new fabrics, fresh wood finished, and new padding. All this on top of solid wood kiln dried frames equals a solid – made to last piece of furniture that you will be able to update as styles change. This equals less waste and in the long-run cost savings when you don’t have to replace your furniture every 3-5 years or just live with something old and broken down.

Most of the pieces manufactured in the 1990s were made to last anywhere from 3-5 years, so why not reimagine a beautiful piece into something contemporary for today... and many years to come. 

Have something that just isn't for you but deserves a second chance? We would love to see it, just get in touch!

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